New album "She's All Naked" is now out and available for purchase!

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In the meantime Danveri is finalizing the mix and master for the upcoming album...

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In the meantime Danveri is finalizing the mix and master for the upcoming album “She’s All Naked” at Waveroot Studios.

“It took me a long time before I decided to release the album for I was running over and over the mix again,  says Danveri, but now I’m totally convinced with the result”.

She's All Naked is a concept album about people who are uncomfortable with themselves and look fake. The topic is portrayed in a very sarcastic way with upbeat and positive-sounding songs. The album will include 11 original songs written, arranged and performed by Danveri along with guest singers Elie Asmar and Maya Aramooni ; and Voice Over Artist Amy Khouri.

The songs were recorded at Audiotakes Studios and Waveroot Studios and now the mix is being finalized.

On the album, Danveri performs all instruments including guitars, keyboards, bass and drums, as well as  Danveri’s beloved instrument… the ukulele. Some rare instruments such as the otamatone and the kazoo also appear on some tracks granting them with a particular and unique sound.

Recently, Danveri is also rehearsing with musicians and looking forward to perform live right after the release of the album.

"The songs are arranged in a way they can easily fit into a rock show and we’re looking very much forward to go out on stage", says Danveri.

Whether it’s the classical music, jazz, oriental music or film music, Danveri is in his element. He produces music for various artists of different musical genres and composes music for films, documentaries, theatrical plays and ads. However, “above all, I’m a rocker” he says ; and the rock influence is very much present in this upcoming album.

There is no exact release date mentioned yet, but the album is expected to be out around February 2015.

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