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Danveri is currently rehearsing with the band for future live performances...

Thursday, 10 July 2014 11:41 Read by 95464 Peoples Written by 

Danveri is currently rehearsing with the band and getting ready to go out on stage and perform live.

Band members are Karim Moughabghab on Guitar, Halim Kareh on Bass and Sami Tohmé on Drums.

“It is a very nice experience to make the transition from the initial digital recording of the songs to actually practicing them as a band in order to perform live”, says Sami Tohmé, Danveri’s Drummer”. “These particular songs do not require a lot of technical skills, but what’s very fun about them is simply having fun while playing them".

He also adds: “Danveri songs are captivating and catchy. You only need to hear any of the songs once and you automatically start to sing it in your head. At first sight, the experience seems to be about just enjoying funny songs and singing them out loud, but in fact, while you’re doing this you’re bringing up issues from everyday life and describing them in a very sarcastic way”.

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