New album "She's All Naked" is now out and available for purchase!

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New album "She's All Naked" is now out and available for purchase!

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“She’s All Naked” is a social-satire concept album where all the songs are related to one topic, and in our case it’s about manipulation and people who are uncomfortable with themselves. The album was written, produced, performed and mixed by Danveri.

She’s all naked
She’s all naked is the title-track for the album and it’s the first track on the album. The song is like an opening because it summarizes everything you are going to hear next on the album. It talks about a girl who always feels the need to do plastic surgeries, to change her look and change her style. But at the end of the day, what she doesn’t realize is that on the inside she is not changing at all. She’s still the same and all the masks she’s wearing are useless, exactly as if she was naked.

Why won’t you flirt with me?
The song is about people being manipulated by money. It talks about Joe and Jodie, a guy and a girl who first meet at the age of 16 and Joe tries to seduce Jodie, but the question he asks her in order to get her attention is quite awkward when he tells her “Why won’t you flirt with me?”. Jodie obviously sends him away and tells him “Go home”, but surprisingly, she does so not do so because she is shocked by the question itself, but because she knows he is poor. On the third verse of the song, Joe and Jodie meet again at the age of 45, and Joe never changes and asks Jodie the exact same question “Why won’t you flirt with me?”. Except this time, she sees him in his Limousine and tells him “Let’s go home”.

Bring me some diapers for my baby
The song is about an immature girl who can’t make her own decisions in a relationship and acts like a kid. It’s cute how we call our girlfriends baby, but unfortunately sometimes they are literally babies!

Dead people never complain
The song is about how people get manipulated by drug dealers or even by drugs itself. It was previously written within a drug-prevention campaign supported by “Oum El Nour” Organization and the European Union in collaboration with the Office of Minister of State for Administrative Reforms and the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon. The song which was originally released within a various-artist album called “In Your Hands”, tells the story of a drug dealer who is trying to convince people around him to buy drugs from him, but at some point, in his beautifully conceived marketing style, some negative aspects of the drugs slip out of his mouth, until the peak point where he says “’Cause dead people never complain”.

Boob song (or I love them just the way they are)
The song is obviously about boobs, but it’s not just about boobs. It talks about people who are not happy with what they have or people who are not happy with whom they are. In order to portray this type of people, boobs are used as a symbol. The song talks about a girl who has big boobs and wants them smaller, but it could have also been about a girl who has small boobs and wants them bigger. And the song goes: No need for a plastic surgery “I love them just the way they are”.

My therapist
The song is about people who “play therapists” and always want to make you feel that you need them and that you will never be able to make it without them. They point out – or even imagine – weaknesses in you and make you believe that they can heal you. Most of the time, these manipulative people are the ones who are week and need to be healed.

Your sense of humor
The song was performed along with guest singer Maya Aramouni. It is a duet between a humorous girl and a guy, and the girl asks the guy “what makes me different from a monkey, from a donkey, from a cat, etc.” And the guy replies that she somehow looks like them, but there is however one thing for sure that makes her different and it’s “her sense of humor”. The hidden meaning behind the song is: if you have no sense of humor, maybe you should reconsider how human you are.

Sheik your belly
The play on words here is obvious and the song is about people who can get anything they want without even raising the little finger, and that’s the case of most of our political leaders. The song also contains Arabic lyrics that are performed by guest singer Elie Asmar.

A pain in the ass
The song is about a loud French rap singer whose words are so shallow but yet addictive because they have got the groove. It’s an example of today’s brainwashing songs but also brainwashing ads and brainwashing speeches that follow us everywhere and that can be a real pain in the ass ; but we still listen to them and embrace them, because someone stuck them in our heads.

Noémie is simply a love song, nothing more than that. It had to be on the album even though it didn’t really fit with the main topic, but it had to be here to switch moods and end the album on a high note and a less sarcastic atmosphere.


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