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Danveri - The Music Composer

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Since 2006, Danveri works as a music composer for films, documentaries, theatrical plays, and TV Commercials.

Original Music Scores for short films include : European Film Festival award winning “Bel Tafasil” by Samer Noah, “Beirut My Heart” by Sabah Haider, Deyra by Martine Daher, Coil by Ramzy Khoury, and many more…

Theatrical plays and musicals include “Bonne nuit Marie-Mélie” 2007, “En quête de liberté” 2008, “Sea you mom” 2009 and “Blanchea” 2011 and Danveri has recently composed and co-produced a symphonic rock musical and is currently working in the studio with the musicians and singers.


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