New album "She's All Naked" is now out and available for purchase!

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Danveri have just released the music video for the anti-drug song “Dead People Never Complain” and is available now on Youtube! The film was directed by Ghina Abboud.

Dead People Never Complain was previously written for a drug-prevention campaign supported by “Oum El Nour” Organization and was subsidized by the European Union in collaboration with the Office of Minister of State for Administrative Reforms and the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon. The song was released within a various-artists album called “In Your Hands”. A few months ago, Danveri decided to shoot a music video for the song.

The song tells the story of a drug dealer trying to convince people around him to buy drugs from him, but at some point, in his beautifully conceived marketing style, some negative aspects of the drugs slip out of his mouth. For the rest, find out for yourself… and enjoy!

Watch it now on Youtube

Sheik your belly, new song by Danveri is finally out in stores along with a Music Video!

Check it out now on iTunes and Youtube!

The Music Video was Directed by Samer Boustany along with Director of Photography Martine Daher, Art Director Walid Saliba, and was edited and produced by Patricia Heneine.

"Sheik Your Belly is about people who can get anything they want without raising the little finger, says Danveri, and that's the case of most of our political leaders".

The song, written and arranged by Danveri features guest singer Elie Asmar who sings the Arabic part.

"The whole experience was amazing, says Danveri. I really enjoyed working with Samer [Boustany] and all the production team. We filmed the music video in two intensive days and I don't deny it was a bit stressful. But when the concept is that funny, you can't help but laugh all the time. I think it was particularly exhausting for Joseph [Açaf] who played the role of the Sheik and had to appear seated all the time and in all the scenes. But this professional actor and comedian is professional in the true sense of the word and was always spreading positive vibes all around him and making us laugh".